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Westip Elastic Track Bandages - Button Fastener

Westip Elastic Track Bandages - Button Fastener

$17.95 Regular Price
$11.95Sale Price

Elastic track bandages made in Germany by Westip.

Long lasting elastic bandage with patented button
guarantees safety because of it's twice button strap.
It's porous fabric lets the air though.
The elastic "Elasthan" fibers allow the bandage to stretch in order to provide adherence, support and protection.
The large proportion of acrylic fibers gives warming properties to the bandage; those fibers combined with the weave texture provide excellent padding.
It's also resistant to sweat, grease, oil, ointments and solvents.


Wash warm (30c).

4" width x 14.7" (when stretched)
Colors: Yellow, Black, Navy, Royal Blue, White
Comes in package of 2.

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