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Victory Lane Liniment 16oz

Victory Lane Liniment 16oz


A liniment for the entire body! Long-time favorite at racetracks.

Bowed Tendons & Suspensory Ligaments:

  • Massage leg liberally with liniment for 8-10 minutes. Wrap with clean stall bandages then cover with plastic wrap and then a stall wrap. Do up immediately after exercise.

Knees & Hocks:

  • For sore or swollen knees & hocks apply before exercising. Immediately after horse is bathed, towel dry joints, apply liniment, then wrap with plastic wrap and cover with a knee or hock sweat-boot

Hip & Stifles:

  • Rub liniment vigorously into stifles and hips before and after exercise.


  • Clip hair around coronet band then rub liniment into coronet band. Follow procedure daily.
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