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Champion Standing Bandages 9' Long


Standing Bandages 9' Long

Horse Size

Made in the USA. High quality.

Multiple color choices. Color chart represents all color available, with some that are close-outs.

If you don't see your color, contact us!


    Standing Horse Wraps 9' Long

    Color: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Beige, Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Teal, Purple, Red



    Champion super standing bandages are 6” wide made with durable, washable stretch polyester with a 2” Velcro closure.

    The knitting on the horse wraps is exceptional and very tights. The material is very soft but stretchy and breathable.

    Standing wraps can be used with sheet cotton or pillow wraps.

    Double knit fiber is stretchable in both directions to ensure maximum comfort.

    Some velcro colors might be different than the bandage material (Black etc).

    ◦ Velcro® fasteners.

    ◦ Machine washable - dryer safe.

    ◦ Will not shrink or fade.

    ◦ Set of 4

    ◦ Made in America

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