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Colorado Leather Balm

Colorado Leather Balm




Citronella or orange -vanilla scents.


Balanced to benefit leather without having any harmful ingredients for your leather or you.

Traditionally made with tallow, lanolin, beeswax and essential oils.

Tallow is pH balanced for leather and is used to re-hydrate and soften newly tanned leather.

Lanolin works as a conditioner and a softener. The lanolin in Colorado Leather Balm also helps to preserve your leather.

Beeswax has natural antimicrobial properties and aids in repelling water. Beeswax also helps the tallow and lanolin stay in the leather.

Orange essential oil is an anti-microbial in the Orange-Vanilla Scented. Citronella is recommended for anywhere that pests are a concern.

Colorado Leather Balm Original Formula can be used on any leather that can absorb conditioner.

Great for saddles, boots, harnesses, handbags and much more.


Product Details:

  • Tallow - pH balanced
  • Rehydrates and softens leather
  • Preserves leather
  • Beeswax - antimicrobial & helps repel water
  • Orange essential oil - anti-microbial
  • Great for saddles, boots, harnesses, purses
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 4oz or 8oz 

*Note this product will likely darken leather as it deeply nourishes, conditions and protects it. Not for suede or nubuck leathers.

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