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Premium Turn out blanket 300gr 1680 dern
Comfort Turn out blanket 200gr 1200 dern
Economy Turn out blanket 200g 600 dernie

Winter Blankets

We offer blanket fitting service for customers near our shop.

Please contact Carina at 610-653-6772 or carina@swedishequine.com

We also carry other styles of blankets and sizes that can be ordered from us. Waiting time is about 1 to 2 weeks for orders.


Our quality blanket brands are Waldhausen (Germany) & Shires (Great Britain).

The reason we can provide great quality to affordable prices is keeping a low inventory. And also offer personal shopping assistance to help you find what you are looking for!

Pick-up available at Pennsylvania location!

We also offer additional services like clipper blade sharpening and drop off & pick up for blanket cleaning & repair.

Baroque Provence Dressage.JPG
Baroque Valencia Dressage.JPG
Baroque Vienna Dressage.JPG
salt lick 2.jpg

Fleece Coolers

Fleece Cooler Esperia DK Dark Blue Cream
Fleece Cooler Esperia DK Brown Beige.jpg
multi picture fly bonnets_edited.jpg

 Fly Bonnets


Yellow rolled button Westip Bandage.jpg
Westip Brace    Bandages
Swede Wrap rolls.JPG


Swede Poultice Pad

Swede Poultice Sheet.jpg
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